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Thread: "DeLorean – Living the Dream" VIRTUAL Sneak Preview + LIVE STREAM Q&A

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    "DeLorean – Living the Dream" VIRTUAL Sneak Preview + LIVE STREAM Q&A

    Dear DeLorean Friends,

    On behalf of DeLorean Weekend 2020, you’re all invited to participate in a very special virtual sneak preview of my documentary “DeLorean – Living the Dream,” along with a cast Q&A. “DeLorean – Living the Dream,” is the only feature length documentary ever produced about the individuals who built the DeLorean car, and the international community of DeLorean owners.

    Due to COVID-19, the movie’s official premiere and nationwide screenings have all been indefinitely postponed. Thanks to the Brandys family, attendees of their virtual DeLorean Weekend 2020 will have an exclusive opportunity to preview the movie online before it’s released, as well as join in a live-stream Q&A with myself and prominent members of the cast.

    To participate, all you have to do is register for DeLorean Weekend 2020 –*it’s FREE! Simply sign up here:

    Registrants will receive an exclusive password to view “DeLorean – Living the Dream” any time beginning Friday, October 2nd at 10am PDT until Sunday, October 4th at 10pm PDT. The movie will be streamable (with the exclusive password) here:

    Additionally, you’re all invited to join us for an interactive Q&A live stream on Saturday, October 3rd at 5pm PDT:

    Information about the Q&A participants is provided below.

    Please be sure to “Like” and “Follow” for updates, and please RSVP to our event page here:

    I look forward to “virtually” seeing you there!


    - Jordan

    Q&A Participants:

    Jordan Livingston
    The moviemaker who directed, produced, and edited “DeLorean – Living the Dream,” a truly independent production, over the course of 12 years!

    Jeffrey Weissman
    Narrator of “DeLorean – Living the Dream” and perhaps best known worldwide for his infamous role as George McFly in the “Back to the Future” sequels.

    Barrie Wills
    Longest serving employee of DMC-L and author of “John Z, the DeLorean & Me… tales from an insider” and “45+ Years Without John DeLorean… and a little more with.”

    Nick Sutton
    Senior manager in charge of parts and inventory at DMC-L, and author of “The DeLorean Story: The Car, The People, The Scandal.”

    Neal Barclay
    Probably the first to drive YOUR DeLorean! Famously drove each freshly minted DeLorean out of the DMC-L factory, lining them up for the transporters.

    Michael Scheffe
    Construction coordinator on “Back to the Future” who built the original DeLorean time machine based on concept artwork and design sketches!

    Terry & Oliver Holler
    Built a homemade BTTF DeLorean upon Oliver receiving a terminal diagnosis. When Oliver beat the odds and proved the doctors wrong, the Hollers drove their time machine across all 50 states raising funding and awareness for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

    The Brandys Family
    Our esteemed hosts for DeLorean Weekend 2020, the Brandys are revered throughout the DeLorean community for their unparalleled innovations, including full-size power windows that earned the praise of John DeLorean himself, along with the world’s first all-electric DeLorean!

    Miranda Easten
    Acclaimed singer / songwriter who lends her beautiful song "Stars and Dreams" to the movie's soundtrack, along with her husband

    Jono Townsend
    Astral photographer and music video artist living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

    Together, they founded New Zealand’s DeLorean owners club and brought South-Island DeLorean owners together for the very first time!

    Nick and Sheri Mavrakis
    The very first couple ever to be interviewed for this project! They’ve lent their unwavering support and passion to this project for more than a decade!
    Jordan Livingston

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    Filmmaker, "Delorean - Living the Dream"
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    EDIT: Q&A YouTube Live Stream corrected link:
    Jordan Livingston

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