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Thread: Tall drivers?

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    Absolutely need to sit in one yes, and preferably drive one too. I had a headache from driving it on long distance because I was lowering my head (perhaps unconsciously) because of the limited headroom. The best move I made to fix that was to remove the seat rails on the drivers side and to arrange custom fix rail that sit lower. Now this seat is perfectly positioned for me, and no more headache.

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    funny thing after I put fluffy sheepskin seat
    covers on my head would thump on the door!....

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    Thanks everyone for your comments. I will definitely find a way to sit on a DeLorean, and hopefully drive one before the purchase. Not too many DeLoreans available on the market right now, and the few that are for sale are way out of my budget. The search continues.

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    Hey Tom if I can chime in as well I am 6'4 and though it's been quite awhile since I've sat in one I remember it being sort of tight, it was at DMC of California back when it was located in Garden Grove I mentioned this to the guy there and he had me sit in another one which felt perfect! He said that the owner was tall like myself and had the same issue so they made an adjustment to the seat so it could go back a little further so worst case adjustments can be made!

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    6'3" here. You need the seat all the way back, and reclined all the way back.
    I've been thinking about how a collision would start to propel my body forward, then my head head will hit the roof and snap my neck. Too bad airbags never made it to production...
    ~Eddie, VIN 16908

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    Thanks to a local DeLorean owner, I was able to sit on a DeLorean, and drive it down the street a few days ago. I was very surprised how much cabin room it has. I was able to sit on the driver seat with issues. I'm definitely on the hunt for a DeLorean. If any of you know of a car for sale, please let me know. My budget is mid 30s.

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