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Thread: [Wanted] Delorean $35-50K, Idaho or US

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    [Wanted] Delorean $35-50K, Idaho or US

    Im in Boise, Idaho looking for a good to excellent condition Delorean. It could be located anywhere in the US. Im willing to consider a broad range of prices and conditions but not bad condition. Id like to drive it frequently, at least a couple times a week. Looking in the $35K to 50K range. Thanks for any help.

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    car for sale

    Call Lauries Deli in Columbia Falls MT...
    she has a nice one for sale..

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    There is also one up on FB market place for $35k in CA.
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    You should not have any trouble at all finding a very nice example in that range. You are among the few who post an ad with an actual realistic comprehension of values today. I would recommend two vendors that (from what I can tell by reading their websites), only sell perfect cars. The first is Josh Bengtson at DeLorean Industries and is not that far from you. Josh's cars are nothing short of perfection, both in cosmetic and mechanical condition and everyday reliability; just bear in mind perfection does cost extra and a top tier car may be more than what you want to spend. The last I heard he ditches the somewhat finicky K-Jet system and uses a custom designed EFI setup in his cars. His cars also use an all new totally stainless frame rather than the OE mild steel frame that can rust. He may have other cars that may not have had the full DeLorean Industry spa package as well. Through my few interactions with him, I can say that he would not steer you wrong.

    The second is Tony at DMC in Florida. I have had no correspondence with him but he always seems to have at least 4-6 absolutely pristine cars on hand. His cars are usually low mileage, original examples that have been made as perfect as original can get with some modern upgrades. His cars are probably not to the level of Josh's cars but there is only so much you can do with OE and he does it well.

    I would not hesitate to buy a car from either one. The other vendors such as Mike at DMC Midwest(also close to you) and James at DMC Houston(or Humble) also carry nice well sorted out vehicles.

    Edit: Sorry, I thought you were located in Ohio because I have no reading comprehension skills. You will have to excuse my geographical proximity errors.
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