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Thread: 1981 Delorean For Sale/Part Out?

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    1981 Delorean For Sale/Part Out?

    1981 Delorean 5 Speed-NO Engine. Vin# 6005, Documented 5,654 mile car, but severely neglected. Frame has rust, engine and rear fascia gone. Seats gone. Has good stainless with a couple dings, no damage to fiberglass shell. Front fascia and all new components need installed. Clean title.

    Started to repair some things starting with the front end, new headlights and buckets/bezel/hardware, new grill and emblem, new front fascia reinforcement, all new front fascia nuts/bolts/washers, new door handles, new XXR 17" wheels and new tires, new steering wheel, original included. New side marker lights.

    Buy as a whole car or may part out under the right circumstances. Really not sure what it'd be worth to someone in it's current condition, but the forum requires a price for the post, so I'll say 15K. Located in St Louis, MO

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    Based on a purely parts need basis, I would say the value is about half of what you are asking.

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    We will purchase the entire car. Please contact us at
    Can have cash to you and car picked up within 12 hours.

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    sent a pm, thank you

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    Im interested in the driver side torsion bar

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    Hello, is this vehicle still for sale? Thank you.

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