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Thread: Grey interior dye??

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    Grey interior dye??

    Hi everyone,

    After a few years I'm trying to get back on track with my car. I need to re-dye my glove box lid, passenger side knee pad, and maybe the dash grey.. I know SEM Acura Charcoal 17333 has been gone for years. I have been searching for a substitute but can't find one. Does anyone know of a alternative or have some SEM for sale?
    Thank you for your time!

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    I use Leatherique leather dye, it's a factory match. I've see adhesion issues on hard vinyl if used without adhesion promoter, so proper prep is super important.

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    It's been a while but I used a spray can of Plasti-kote vinyl color #408 charcoal grey. Don't know if it is still available. You can also try They have our colors on file. Be sure to prep the surfaces well. That means getting them really clean and using a prep spray so it bonds well and spreads out evenly. One "trick" I used was to hold the can farther away then you would typically do. It makes the spray land dry and gives a more textured look. For the leather, the seating surfaces (the top of the seat bottom and the front of the seat back), steering wheel, pull straps and shifter boot, use leather dye. Once you do one piece you will find you have to do the whole interior so it all looks even. Don't do it unless you have a place that is warm enough. If you try to do it and it is cold you will get runs and drips. To do a good job means removing all of the pieces and doing them out of the car. Leatherique also has carpet dye, leather cleaner, Rejuvinator and stuff to repair cracks and tears. The Rejuvinator is great stuff, it makes the leather soft and supple. I use it once a year. The website has lots of great tips on how to care for your leather.
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    I can attest that Leatherique is great. The gentleman I spoke to over the phone was kind and very helpful. They know leather for sure. They are selling products to hi end marks mostly, he said.

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    Leather refinishing and recoloring

    I recommend Color-Plus Restoration systems. You can check them out at
    If you send them a swatch of the leather they will color match it. I cut a small piece about a (1” x 1”) from under one of the seats. The match was near perfect. I’ve used it on my seats, center console, and dash with excellent results. I’m not a fan of their “Flex-Fill” product for holes and cracks, may may be ok for a small spot, but I tried it on a binnacle and the repair opened up again. Hope this helps.

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    I'm using a vinyl spray from detail king medium gray. I'm not using it on leather just the plastic vinyl dash, glove box lid and will also use it on the console pad. Detail King also has carpet dye that you mix with water and spray on the carpet. Leather is a different dye and I have bought the dye from Amazon before. It comes in a small bottle with a swab applicator.

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    I got some duplicolor charcoal gray from advance auto plastic/vinyl spray for the binnacle and it matched the color perfectly

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