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Thread: Delorean GreenBox

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    Delorean GreenBox

    Hi All,
    the GreenBox is aimed at those who do not want to lose the vintage character of the car, but at the same time want to have a tool that allows him to have under control the most important parameters of the car.
    DeLorean Green Box is a device that allows you show on a monitor the parameters of the car and record them on GPStelemetry for in-depth analysis. Every parameter can be recorded on MicroSD.
    Externally, the OLED monitor can be positioned in place of the EOM clock and is similar to a liquid crystal clock from the 80s, but with a single button it allow to change of the device menu.

    mailme for further infos:

    What can display on the monitor:

    - DMC Deloreanmotor car logo
    - Old style liquid cristal clock with GPS update
    - Day of the week, month, year
    - Car speed (kmh, mph)
    - Altitude, longitude, latitude from GPS
    - Ambient temperature (C, F) and relative humidity
    - Frequency valve duty cycle and status
    - Lambda sensorvoltage
    - Car batteryvoltage
    - Cooling water temperature (C, F)
    - Fuel Control pressure (accumulator pressure) (bar, psi)
    - Fuel pump current
    - Control Pressure Vs Ambient temperature (WUR graph)
    - MicroSD datalogger
    - Google track on MicroSD (xml format)

    You will receive the tested GreenBox. You just need to tap and connect the sensors on the car wiring.

    Please, find below the links:

    Troubleshooting GreenBox presentation

    Meaning of the Duty cycle

    On me DeLorean for customer test


    The package includes:

    N1 x Assembled and tested green box
    N1 x double holed bolt
    N1 x single holed bolt
    N3 x whashers
    N1 x Gps module
    N1 x Humidity sensor
    N1 x Antenna adaptor cable
    N1 x Gps antenna
    N1 x Antenna adaptor junction N1 x Pressure sensor
    N1 x Non invasive current sensor N1 x Pressure manifold
    N1 x Fuel Pipe
    N1 x 3D printed monitor adaptor for central consolle
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    Wowzers love it.........

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    I saw this on Dave's website. This is amazing work. If I still had the stock shifter plate i would get one in a heartbeat...

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    Mail me for info:

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    I bought this, so far it's very good.

    I got Fabios greenbox and I'm halfway through installing it. So far I'm very happy with it.
    Please excuse the crudity of this DeLorean as I didn't have time to repair it yet.
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    Well I finally got a chance to play with the green box. I'm just bench testing in my workshop. Hooked up the GPS antenna and did not expect it to work inside my house but it looks like it connected to 11 satellites. It seemed to instantly connect and shows my LAT an LONG. Then I did the reset function and it reset my clock to the correct time. The display looks very bright and will work at testing the other functions.
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