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Thread: Location of electrical connectors to front harness?

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    Location of electrical connectors to front harness?

    Hi guys,

    I'm installing a main harness (in a car that had no harness so no references). Approximately where would the front section of the main harness end (with the connectors)? If you run it through the firewall and extend it all the way towards the front, the 4-5 connectors would end up right behind the LH headlight assembly.

    But, if you look at the parts diagram, it appears to end up in the fender area of the tub (before the washer reservoir?), but then it would seem to you would have a meter or so of coiled up harness in there!

    Any tips on where it should end up? Also if it was in the tub, the connectors wouldn't be very accessible!

    Thanks guys

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    The connectors are in the washer tub and not easily accessible. But once the tub is removed the first time and the rotating nutserts replaced, it becomes easier. Use stainless hardware and put on anti-seize. It should be an easy removal from then on.

    Here's the washer bucket that you remove to gain access. There's extra room in the bucket for the connectors.
    Washer bottle bucket.jpg

    Here's a photo looking up at the connectors once the washer bucket is removed. The white plastic in the upper left is the washer fluid bottle.
    Connectors in washer bucket.jpg

    The connectors serving the cooling fans are in the washer bucket. The original fans would often draw a lot of current. The pins would overheat and stop working. That's why I was up in there.


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    Thanks Ron, that's all I needed! (every rivnut on the tub has been R&R'ed so no issues there).


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