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Thread: Champagne British Car Festival - Bloomington, IL

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    Champagne British Car Festival - Bloomington, IL

    Anyone in the Midwest interested in attending this one-day event? I plan on driving over for the day. It is a great venue!


    The Champagne British Car Festival (CBCF) has been an annual event held the first weekend after Memorial Day since 1991. Our festival has been a three-day event culminating with a car show at the David Davis Mansion in Bloomington, IL and we have enjoyed excellent attendance from the public as well as car owners. Of course, in 2020, we cancelled the festival due to COVID-19.
    We are resurrecting CBCF for 2021 in a limited fashion, consisting of a one-day outdoor car show, Saturday, June 5 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.
    We have been in touch with officials at David Davis Mansion and they have indicated, as a State of Illinois property, they will be open and supportive of the event. This will be strictly an open-air event and proper COVID precautions will be encouraged.
    Here are a few notable changes for this year only:
    No classes, judging, or awards
    No formal registration No registration fee (although donations for expenses and charity will be welcomed) No welcome bags or door prizes
    No printed program/brochure
    No indoor activity (although David Davis Mansion will be open to groups of 10 or fewer)
    BUT, You CAN expect to find our typical field of beautiful British cars, friends and the public!
    Parking will be somewhat "park as you can" although we would hope the MGs, Triumphs, Healeys, Jags, etc. will park as a group although not necessarily by class, model or year.
    Please connect with the CBCF and IFLBCC sites and Facebook to see up-to-date information.
    Looking forward to seeing you at CBCF 2021!
    Jim Broach Co-Chair:
    Brian Davis Co-Chair:
    Alan Kleinschmidt Co-Chair:
    John Lewellyn CBCF Registrar:

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    Thanks for the info Andy. Like many shows this Summer, the event sounds like it will be more free-form and less structured.

    It's been a few years since I did this event, but it falls on my godson's graduation this year, so I will not be able to make it.

    On a related note, the DCS Planning Team has been trying to get something together for this Summer, but travel restrictions
    have really limited the VIP Guest List, and other indoor/outdoor restrictions have limited other regular convention activities.

    Depending on what happens with different COVID strains and different state governors, there is still a chance there may be
    a "limited" 40th Anniversary DeLorean Gathering activity either in Michigan (around the Woodward Dream Cruise event) in
    mid-August or an event in conjunction with the British Car Union Show in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago in September.
    Due to all the known and possible restrictions, there may be very short notice, if an event decision is made this Summer.

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