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Thread: What should a newbie ABSOLUTELY know?

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    Car looks fantastic! Hope you enjoy it and welcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markclearview View Post
    Ok, the car has arrived and I'm freaking out.
    83', black interior, automatic, Canadian spec. Purchased from Justin at Wells Auto Milton. Who is just the absolute best.

    Car runs and drives great. Aesthetically pristine. Here she is.
    Arrived three days ago.

    More detailed ext/int photos to come.

    Still in shock.Attachment 66349Attachment 66350Attachment 66351Attachment 66352

    Congrats again Mark! So glad to be able to help you live the dream!

    Wells Auto

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    Woohoo! She looks stupendous! Congratulations again! You're gonna have a lot of fun with her. For the first month, you might always get that new owner shock whenever you open the garage door and see a DeLorean. Can't wait to see more pics.

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