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    Door strap?

    My car came with two door straps. I really didn't like them and didn't need it to pull my door shut. My wife is fairly short, so it might benefit her. She has been out of town the last couple weeks, so she hasn't even ridden in the car yet. She comes back tomorrow. If she likes the strap, she will be pissed off if I chuck it. So I need to decide if I don't want it now. My question, is this a stock accessory or is it just something the PO came up with? If it is stock, I guess I'll keep it on the pax door.


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    They're stock. That is the early version of the door strap with later cars having them built into the door itself.

    You can get them at all of the DeLorean Vendors - I picked up a nice set of new straps from DeLoreanGo last year and they are superb quality.

    If yours are in good condition, just hang onto them. No point in throwing them away.
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    Ok, I guess I'll keep em. I think I will hide them till I see how hard it is for my wife to shut the door. I usealy open the door for her, but if I'm just picking her up, she needs to be able to shut the door.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JBaker4981 View Post
    I picked up a nice set of new straps from DeLoreanGo last year and they are superb quality.
    Thank you for that review, I am looking for new ones. I only have one in my car that has seen better days and it is on the passenger side - very helpful when an occupant exits without shutting the door correctly and I have to lean across the console to open and reclose the door using the strap since it is easier to reach.
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