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Thread: Deloreans are still like frying bacon w/o a shirt. No issue record is over.

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    Deloreans are still like frying bacon w/o a shirt. No issue record is over.

    D has been behaving but my health has been taking all my attention. Weekly drives to keep her happy. Yesterday I started her up and while allowing the engine to warm up while I checked the weather the engine shut off. Hmm, not starting I am accustomed to over 30 years but not just cutting off. Gas+, turn key can't hear pump which btw is a Special T aprox 8 yrs old/1000 miles maybe. Jumped the rpm. Nothing. Hit it with some starter fired right up then died. So engine is not getting fuel. I jumped the rpm relay/ign on and across the two terminals on top of the fuel pump I get nothing.
    With file/sandpaper I proceeded to check the 345 thousand, 286 hundred, 821 grounds. Ballast, coil, fuse box, black upside down thingie with the pop up thingamajig.
    Turned key and now the starter does even engage.
    I have stepped away from it seeing I have encountered the cascading Delorean dominoes before. The only thing that kinda , maybe, possibly is the Optima redtop 2016 started losing it's charge overnight. I have been keeping it on a trickle for the last year. Going to replace it soon. The car was running so a sketchy battery should not kill the engine...
    Haven't posted in a looooong time so there ya go. Ready to pay what it takes to get a lot of issues taken care of or sell it.
    "Owning a Delorean is like frying bacon naked."

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    Iím gonna send you a PM.

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    Before you sell it be sure to get yourself updated on current values. Things have changed a LOT in the past couple of years. Don't accidently give it away.
    Dave S
    DMC Midwest - retired but helping

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    I always vent when the D decides to start randomly throwing issues at you.
    I am probably one of the few that actually drove a Delorean to see BTTF when it was released so I have a lot of history with this car.
    Locally, nobody will touch it with a 10 foot pole. Even my last tire change I had to stop them 3x when they were about to damage the car. Having early vin dark grey wheels and seeing a kid grab a hammer to beat on weights will raise you blood pressure.
    So yeah, gonna step back and who knows I might stumble across the issue.
    "Owning a Delorean is like frying bacon naked."

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    Get the battery tested and clean up the connections. If the starter won't work you can't begin to troubleshoot the fuel or ignition systems. Get it cranking. A "sketchy" (bad) battery can prevent the car from running.
    David Teitelbaum

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    Like Guru said, make sure the engine can be started BEFORE checking for problems!  9

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    I plan to get another Optima red top in the next week. As far as starting, yesterday I hit it with a quick shot of starter fluid and she fired right up. Me= fuel pump died.

    Why I suspect the fuel pump?. It is a Special T iirc about 8 years old. The garaged D driven 1-2x a week for maybe 20 miles has only one intermittant that popped up about 3 months ago. Sometimes if I really get on it from a stop the car would buck. I mean floored... Other than that the occasional hot start.

    Question- rarely go into the fuse area except to clean fuses and saw this. Doubt it is related but just curious. The left breaker 19 in diagrams has one brown wire connected. Laying next to them are these 2 loose wires as shown in pic. Just curios what they are?
    I have the Joe Cool installed, the door locks rear and rear defroster are not connected.

    EDIT- The yellow is NOT one of the loose wires and is iirc a early vin jumper.
    Attached Images
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    "Owning a Delorean is like frying bacon naked."

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    If it cranks over by itself, it's not the battery.


    WARNING: Splatters on intersect course...

    The pic shows a Brown with Orange stripe, not Brown, on the breaker.

    The breaker to the left is for the cooling fan (Labeled "193" in the WSM schematic, "A" in most Electrical compartment diagrams.) It uses a BO (Black with Orange stripe) wire and a NS (Brown with Slate stripe) wire.
    But, I have seen early VINs with NO and BO instead.

    Does the Brown wire between your fingers have a stripe?

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    Tried calling you a few times months ago and also email. My phone has never worked well if at all getting to you up there. The emails... well not sure where they end up.

    I am at the point where I simply cannot get under or lean over the car. My list was replacing the clutch master c and possible slave which I have. Some slight leakage at the pedal but the tank is contaminated with black fragments.

    The car shutting off while idling surprised me. If it IS the fuel pump, I am game to install the DMC system but looks like they are been out of stock a long time. The starter stopping didn't surprise me as I had been around the car checking all connectors/grounds etc.

    So the event was idling car just shut off. Starter fluid fires up. Checked all the usual suspects. Turned key and no starter.

    Summer is when I drive it the least so its a good time to send it off or someone do it here. Good hearing from you.

    Wires picture-BLK/ORANGE AND A SOLID BROWN unplugged
    The right side has wired to it and the yellow jumper that runs across.
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    "Owning a Delorean is like frying bacon naked."

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    You can get a 909 fuel pump for under $30 on ebay to get you running in the meantime, provided you can get someone to install it for you while you're unable.
    -----Dan B.

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