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Thread: FB: To Be, or Not To Be

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    Nit-picking customer(as seen on TV) Iznodmad's Avatar
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    I do both. But I find myself spending less time here due to the antiquity of how this forum works. I love pics, and fb wins for pics, just not organization as others have stated.

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    Senior Member - Owner since 2003 Patrick C's Avatar
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    I deactivated my Facebook in November. Probably won’t be going back.
    Patrick C.
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    Quote Originally Posted by patrick c View Post
    i deactivated my facebook in november. Probably won’t be going back.
    i miss you so much though

    Supercharged 5.3L LS4 + Porsche 6spd
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    It doesn't help with mobile, but on PC/Mac you can make Facebook far more tolerable with this add-on:

    Removes ads. Hides posts based on keywords.
    No more of your friends dumb political opinions, only their dumb pets, kids, and cars.
    Luke S :: 10270 :: 82 Grey 5-Speed :: Single Watercooled T3 .60/.48 :: Borla Exhaust :: MSD Ignition :: MS3X Fully SFI Odd-fire EFI :: DevilsOwn Methanol Injection - Game console parts, kits, games and more. [shop] [wiki] [RSS] [f] [t]

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