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Thread: My new PRV powered companion for #2203! 1988 Alpine V6 Turbo

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    My new PRV powered companion for #2203! 1988 Alpine V6 Turbo

    In January I purchased a 1988 Renault Alpine V6 Turbo from Japan. A few weeks ago, it finally arrived! This thing is way cool and drive so well. The 2.5T PRV is really a nice smooth powerful engine. The turbo doesn't kick in until 2700 rpm or so, but when it does, it's a considerable kick! It is definitely much more of a drivers' car than the DMC. You can tell that Renault put a lot of effort to go after the turbo Porsches of the era. Sadly these weren't much of a sales success, but it's certainly different!

    Just thought I'd share some photos of it here.


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    Beautiful! Man that last pic of the rear 3/4 really shows what a gorgeous car it is.  9

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    Man i thought my esprit was cool, that Alpine is so nice and clean. Congrats man! Id be driving the crap out of it!
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    Super Jelly ! Love it. Post more PICS!!!! lol Interior? Engine. Love this car.

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