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Thread: Has anyone heard from DPI Josh?

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    Has anyone heard from DPI Josh?

    Hi all,

    Its been awhile since I've posted.

    I wanted to ask, anyone know what happened to DPI Josh???

    I bought his EFI kit, $6,000, end of last summer. Its been well over 9 months. I had received very few items months ago, but still missing a lot of parts for the kit. Last I heard from Josh was back in March. He was getting the rest of the parts ready for shipping, but never ever heard anything from him again.
    In the past 2 months I've emailed him plenty of times, also called him plenty of times, 330-573-4129 left messages, but nothing at all.

    Can someone tell me what's going on if they know anything. Is there another number to call him??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drive Stainless View Post

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    OP, I recall there was a recent "discussion" here:

    Hopefully this won't be a customer service horror film like the last dumpster fire, err.. "feature".

    Good luck.

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    I have confirmed and we have actually responded to you multiple times through our site portal regarding the lead time for correcting the last box returned to us. The integrated throttle body was damaged and we did not have a quick way of dealing with this. Options presented were:

    ___ Wait until we are throwing chips again when our new 5 axis haas is installed in June.

    ___ Return items specific to this so that we an supply a harness and components for the older version throttle body.

    ___ Use the attached RMA form if you did not want to wait for either option with no restocking charge.

    ___ Also the RMA form option if you were not comfortable installing without tech support as we discontinued supporting complicated products and wanted to give owners yet to start the install process a way out without getting in over their heads. No restocking charge.

    The last message we sent to update you stated that we are slated to take delivery mid June now due to manufacture delays and will be set up machining by July 4th tentatively.

    I began transitioning out of my day to day involvement last year which also prompted removing a number of complicated product offerings, related tech support and service as noted above. I've worked with owners caught in this transition so that they are not left figuring things out on their own with a number taking advantage of this. While we are extremely understaffed like all businesses now due to skilled workers preferring handouts rather than actually earning a wage, I have expressed an extreme importance to those in a position to do so to respond and follow up accordingly even at the cost of completing other tasks. I know the value of an update to many is very important. When someone says we did not respond publicly I look into the why for our staff to provide better communication. In this case they stayed on top of it as asked.

    I have openly conveyed as best as possible that we do not actively monitor this forum (someone told us to look on here), FB, instagram, phone or the million other ways that people have found to communicate. Pushing everything into minimal sources of contact is best as we clearly state on our contact page. Email/site contact is best for the quickest response. If it involves an open order, monitor your account messages for updates. Every Detail Matters

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    Josh, I'm not here to start problems or anything, just trying to get some answers, and the only answers you gave me.

    All this you posted is new to me. I am always checking my emails and spam mail, I never got anything from you stating all you posted.

    Last I heard from you was in March, and before than in Dec. 2020. Mid Dec. 2020 you had mentioned I am getting the 3rd box delivered. I waited patiently, when I saw nothing come in I emailed you, and never ever got a response from Dec. 2020 up until March 2021. You mentioned you took time off for maternity leave, I understood, I respected that, and congratulated you! You mentioned the 3rd box you shipped out back then had returned back to your facility for some reason. So you were preparing a new box to be shipped out. So once again I waited patiently for that, nothing at all! Since March I have been emailing you with no response at all, phone call, left messages along with my cell number so you can call me. Nothing at all. You never mentioned at all the integrated throttle body was damaged, and that you had given me options what to do. All you said back in March was you were getting another box put together and shipping out, that's all I got from you!

    I will kindly wait for the 3rd box to be sent out by July. Feel free to email me, its still the same email

    Thank you!!
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    Josh is telling you he sent messages on DeLorean Industries website's messaging system, not personal email/spam. Go log into your account on there.
    -----Dan B.

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    I didn't know about that, but I logged in and have 0 messages.

    Not sure what to say, or if he's mixing me up with another buyer.
    Billy C. VIN: 2964

    "Trying to Live the Dream!"

    "If you're gonna own a DeLorean, why not build it with some style?"

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