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Thread: Black and Red Paint Removal From Stainless

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    Looking forward to seeing your progress! Extremely satisfying watching that paint come off.

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    Iím experimenting with ďMulti Strip AdvancedĒ right now on a car from the 50ís. Iíll let you know if itís any good. Supposed to remove up to 15 layers.
    -----Dan B.

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    So I took Kevin’s advice in the video and decided to scuff up the black paint before applying the stripper. However, the black paint was so thick I used a DA sander and that actually got me down to the red paint so the stripper will now have less paint to eat through. I am holding off on the stripper and will keep removing the black to get to the red and then go from there. It gets a little tricky as it is so tempting to burn through the red and get right to the stainless but I dont want to end up with DA swirl marks everywhere either. Seeing that I have limited time this may take a while.

    Sorry if some photos come in upside down but they are normal on my iPad and flip when I upload them to the site and I cannot figure out how to change them.


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    After using the Multi-Strip Advanced ($15 on Amazon-I used the 1 quart gel), I would suggest you give it a try. The topcoat literally dripped right off the car onto the ground. My problem is that it still doesn't eat through lead based primer but you should not have that problem at all.
    -----Dan B.

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    Poor car! I hope you're able to bring it back to spec, nicely. I think painting a Delorean is a damned atrocity. Its like converting the gull doors to regular horizontal sweep ones

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    I applaud you for your attempt to return to stainless. Unfortunately, after all the hours of work removing the paint, you might find so much body damage (bondo) that you end up replacing all the panels and doors anyway (hopefully not).

    As I understand it, a fair number of DeLoreans are painted not because the owner doesn’t like SS, but because the car has sustained body damage and most owners & shops don’t have expertise in SS repair. So they drill holes, bondo, and then paint.

    Let’s hope this is not the case here.

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