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Thread: For sale: PRV-6 engine, two automatic transmissions

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    For sale: PRV-6 engine, two automatic transmissions

    Hello all!

    The time has come for me to shed the engine and transmissions out of DeLorean 5510 to make way for something new. The car is running pretty good right now, and I'm going to pull the engine, trans, and all fuel components out in mid July. So if you have questions, you've got until July 5th to ask while the car is put together and running. High level is that I have a PRV engine with ~67k miles, a stock auto transmission with ~67k miles, and a replacement auto transmission with ~26k miles. For those curious - the car is getting an electric conversion.
    First, I have my mostly stock PRV-6 engine with ~67k miles on it. Engine runs well (as best I can tell), fires right up, no hot or cold start issues, idles with a little bit of hunting sometimes once warmed up, revs great, accelerates decently, and is complete. Comes with all accessories. Asking $2500

    When I say 'all accessories', I mean the engine, starter, alternator, AC compressor, water pump, fuel distributor, warm up regulator, frequency valve, hoses and wires, exhaust, mounts, etc. Essentially the entire plug and play engine.

    I'm really inexperienced with engines, so I can't say whether it's running rich or lean or anything like that. I don't have a compression tester or dwell meter or the knowledge to use them. Engine was recently removed from the car during a frame-off restoration, and I took some time to clean thick layers of gunk off of it and replace a few bolts, I also powder coated the 3 plates that cover the flywheel, and prior to me the previous owner had replaced all of the fuel lines with braided ones. As far as I can tell, the 'valley of death' looks clean and dry, but I did not take the intake off to inspect. I think the rear main seal is leaking, and intended on replacing it, but didn't get around to it. I'll include the replacement part.

    Starter: Works great, does have an occasional issue where the car won't start because of a bad ground or wire corrosion to the solenoid. It starts always when I jump the solenoid and then is resolved for at least a week or two. [This issue may be resolved by the time I pull the engine, if it happens again and I can track it down]
    Alternator: No issues that I have ever seen. Battery charges as expected and holds ~14.5v when running. Looks like it was replaced at some point.
    AC compressor: Was disconnected when I bought the car, unknown condition. (condenser was also missing)
    Wiring: Looks stock except for a couple of ground wires that were replaced/repaired.
    Hoses: All cooling pipes out from the water pump were replaced. As was the heater core lines and heater core valve.
    Exhaust: Manifolds were removed and the gaskets replaced, manifolds and exhaust was painted with exhaust paint, crossover pipe and catalytic converter were wrapped in ceramic wrap. Catalytic converter is present, but empty. O2 sensor was replaced.
    Fuel: All engine fuel lines replaced with braided ones prior to me. Fuel supply line was replaced by me, fuel return line from the engine to the hardline not replaced, since the connector was stuck.

    Second, I have the original auto transmission that came with the car. It has ~67k miles. The previous owner experienced some slipping, but when I got the car I replaced the transmission fluid and set the level properly and it never slipped for me after that. The car DID have Frequency Valve issues, though, and that may have been misinterpreted as slipping... It's also possible I'm wrong and it slips. It does leak ATF a little bit where the cables plug in near the pan gasket, but not terribly. Fuel filter was replaced. Comes with torque converter, dipstick tube, selector cable, governor computer, cooling pipes, and a complete rebuild kit ($700 from DGO) that includes clutch plates, steels, and all new seals and gaskets - but not the dipstick or the vacuum tube. Asking $2,000

    This transmission was pulled out of the car during frame-off and replaced with the other transmission. I had originally intended to rebuild it using the rebuild kit included and then swap back, but I've decided to go another route.
    Third, I have the replacement auto transmission that is currently in the car. It has ~26k miles, and was originally purchased from RamblinDMC here on the forum. This replaced the original transmission and it works very well and is low mileage. This was purchase by the previous owner of 5510 to replace the slipping trans, and it had a rebuilt governor computer, replaced pan gasket, and new filter.

    However - there was a mishap in shipping and the transmission casing was slightly damaged. I had it professionally tig welded, but the damage also bent the oil pump rod (which is now fixed) and damaged the front lip seal or maybe the seal on the torque converter. The transmission leaks pretty significantly from between the transmission and torque converter. I can still drive the car into town and back, but I would be hesitant to go on a long trip. If I don't regularly add ATF it will start to slip as the fluid level comes down. Comes with torque converter, dipstick and tube, governor computer, selector cable, and cooling pipes. Asking $2,000

    If you're interested and want some more info, I've prepared some videos!
    This is a very long (~25 minute) video showing the car as-is starting up, going for a short drive, coming home and putting it on a lift, and showing it from various angles.

    This is a shorter video (~5 minutes) showing the engine and replacement transmission during the frame-off restoration, prior to them being installed in the car. Since this is them on a hoist, it's a lot easier to see them.

    This is a short video showing the original transmission sitting on the transmission jack, and showing the accessories that come with it.

    Please feel free to contact me on here if you have any questions!

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    Forgot to mention - I'm located in Ellensburg, WA, but willing to drive to the greater Seattle area (and have a trailer), or I can ship items via freight.

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