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Thread: Dave McKeen RPM+Hot start relays

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    Dave McKeen RPM+Hot start relays

    Several weeks back, I drove to a resteraunt about an hour a way. Had a leasure lunch with my wife for maybe an hour and a half. It 93 degrees and full sun. When I came out, the first time ever the car wouldn't start. It took multiple times cranking for more than a minute each. I was afraid or melting the starter or killing the battery. Finally, it fired and ran like junk for 15 seconds and than all was well.

    I ordered Daves RPM relay along with his Hot start relay. (Plug and play)

    Yesterday, I went to the same restaurant with my wife under the exact same conditions. When I came out, the car started right up and ran rough for maybe 3 seconds before running great. His RPM relay has an additional feature called a hot fix. I don't have that enabled right now, but under the current circumstances I don't think I need it.

    My old RPM relay use to get real hot. I forgot to feel his after the trip, but I will up date this in the future. (It's supposed to run cooler)

    I don't know that Dave is really trying to make business of this. I think he just does it in his spare time. I highly recommend buying any of his products because he just might decide to stop. We are very lucky to have this man in our community.

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    +1 on that.

    These plus the fan relays are amazing. Kudos to Dave!

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    I agree. David makes incredible products for our cars that truly bring them up do date electrically and do improve upon a lot of original stuff. My car is much more reliable with dave's electronics.

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    Yes! Buy Daves stuff - it is very good.
    I have all his relay upgrades - and very happy with them.
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