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Thread: Anybody Home? New Owner in AZ

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    Anybody Home? New Owner in AZ

    Hello all. I recently purchased 6515 from DMC-FL. I wonít have it for another 2 or 3 months but hoping to get plugged in with some locals. Havenít seen much activity for the local community so Iím hoping we can inject a little adrenaline in 2022!

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    The AZ club is quite active, I believe Facebook would be a better place to reach out.

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    I met three members of the AZ DeLorean Club in Las Vegas for DeLorean Weekend. Ben Ferguson who can be easily reached on Facebook as well as Ethan who is a DeLorean mechanic and a good one I hear. All great guys.

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    I keep hearing how active the AZ community is, yet only non-AZ people confirm this! 😂

    The community at large has been awesome. Here, FB, AZ DeLorean websiteÖ crickets.

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    Best way to catch us is at a monthly lunch or dinner. We are working on consolidating our Facebook. For now, search for Arizona Delorean Club Members Only


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    I was looking at that car. Congrats!
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