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Thread: Recommendation for paint shop.

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    Recommendation for paint shop.

    I'm wanting to get my front and rear fascia's repainted as well as have a few repairs done. The original owner screwed holes into the front fascia for the license plate and caused a small gouge on the rear. In addition to this I'd like the whole thing repainted. Can anyone recommend a good paint shop in the bay area or valley around the Modesto/Tracy/Turlock area that has painted our fascias before? I'd prefer to leave them on the car as is and not removed.

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    I got my front fascia repainted (on the car) by Yeaman Auto Body in Palo Alto about 7-8 years ago. Recommended. When I need the rear done I will go back.

    I brought it to the shop with the grille and all the headlight parts except the buckets removed. They matched the original early-VIN color perfectly without a paint code. Great masking job. Tight edges and no overspray. Our bumper isn't drilled so no advice on repairing that from me.

    The job has held up well.

    They also completely fine-polished the black bumper sections of the front and rear fascias with an orbital to remove some small scratches in them and bring back the black. Everything they touched looked like new.
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    Thanks Rich! I'll give them a call and see what I can setup in the future.

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