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Thread: 1981 DeLorean Project Car

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    1981 DeLorean Project Car

    1981 DeLorean project car for sale. $33788.57

    We have an unfortunate situation despite our best efforts. We have been unable to come to an agreement with a client purchasing a project over non payment and breech of contract. Significant time has past and market values have changed heavily. Our goal is simply to be made whole as though the transaction occurred as initial anticipated. While it is well within our right to keep the proceeds due to breech of contract, it is our intent to use the sale to return the clients initial deposit without incurring additional time and resource costs on our end. At the end of the day we respect and understand the dream of DeLorean ownership and do not want to contribute to this not happening for this individual. This person will remain unnamed out of respect for the situation other than the buyer of this. We know that the community will put two and two together. We would appreciate all comments regarding this individual be held along with speculation on his behavior as a whole within the community. This for sale listing and subsequent posts across the community will not become a sounding board for personal attacks. We will be reaching out to admins of all posting locations to express this in detail and assist us with keeping this professional allowing both parties to move on.

    Due to payment not being received, the project has been packaged up and stored. All frame related items categorized on the attached invoice are currently itemized and in an international shipping crate. The GRP body tub is currently separate but can be put onto the rolling chassis for shipment/pick up. Stainless panels and associated loose items included with sale are currently in the shipping crate with stainless frame. Crate is available at our cost to produce for buyers interested in shipping globally.

    Payment will need to be remitted in two transactions. A payment to the client to return the deposit balance and the remainder directly to DeLorean Industries. Payments will be required by wire transfer due to the client being international.

    We will entertain the option of a buyer taking on this restoration and continuing the process in house. Until a direction is decided upon, we will leave the tub separated and the frame in crate in case the buyer wants to take this project as is or in part.

    Sale of complete project includes title and vin held by DeLorean Industries. Title and vin information available to serious parties per request. Sale will be reflected as a project car at full invoice value without exception.

    Detailed pictures of body tub condition and frame components available upon request.

    This is being listed and sold with radical transparency of the situation within reason and it is our intent with the above to fully disclose the conditions leading to this sale.
    Using the original invoice we have created a complete list of everything included. If it is on the list it is included with the sale. For additional information please contact us directly at [email protected]
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    Hi, I can't see anything on both attachments, I am interested

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    They are in the PDF file in post #2.

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