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Thread: timing cover gasket ? Help

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    timing cover gasket ? Help

    My first post other than introduction. I have a late 81 that I bought in october. It was not driven much over the last 10 years from what I have concluded from the 30k or so worth of reciepts of work performed over its lifetime (based on dates and mileage on those receipts). My biggest concern at the moment is slow leaking of oil from i believe the bottom of the timing cover. The oil isnt any higher up the motor than the attached pictures. it seems the gasket is wet on the bottom center and the oil trickles down to the low curved point of the timing chain cover(thats my unprofessional opinion of course Im learning as I go) would love to have someone here give me some advice or their thoughts. it only starts to leak when ive driven it for awhile. It can take a week before it collects enough to even drip on the garage floor. Are there any things i can try to fix this without taking the cover off?

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    Hard to tell from your pictures what is happening (your motor is VERY clean!)
    Some common sources to check first;
    The oil sender on the left rear of the motor often leaks.
    The seal on the timing cover can leak.
    Make sure the motor is not overfilled.
    Cam cover gasket on the left rear head.
    Some of these leaks are "sneaky", meaning it looks like it is coming from somewhere else. When the oil gets down to the crankcase seam it can run along the rib and come down in a different place.
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    Clean the air/oil separator matrix in the oil fill cap too. It can get gelatinous in there and prevent the crankcase from breathing.
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    Maybe, hit the leak with baby powders to chase it back to the source...

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