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Thread: DeLorean Alpha 5 is revealed

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    DeLorean Alpha 5 is revealed

    So here it is.

    It has a name. Alpha 5.

    And gullwing doors. And rear louvers.

    Was it worth the wait?

    (the online reveal to the public is due within 24hrs)

    Alpha 5.jpg

    Alpha 5 interior.jpg
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    And it has 4 seats.

    No sign of any stainless steel bodywork, as expected.
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    Not really feeling the doors, they look huge. I probably would have liked it more if it had been a 2 seater. Maybe it’ll grow on me once I see one in person.

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    The doors are awkwardly long to provide access to the back seat, where there is no space for your legs. It doesn’t make any sense. Both problems are solved with a 2 seater.
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    I'm liking what I see. The style is uniquely attractive and it clearly suggests the DeLorean heritage. Certainly less angular and more sculpted. Yet it evokes the character of the original car. Even with the doors closed, I immediately recognize the DeLorean character. Of course, the photos on the web site are professional and who knows what’s under the skin. Still, at first look, I see an eye catching car with a sexy appeal similar to our vintage DeLoreans. Hard to know the quality of fit and finish, but they’ve amazingly outdone Tesla with the look. Likely because they had a fantastic starting point and took advantage of it.


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    I'm underwhelmed.

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    Not bad looking. I don’t see a Delorean. I absolutely hate the doors. They are straight both front and back. Would have been much better if they slanted like our cars. I think the front looks high. I guess they had to do that to meet headlight laws. Lol.

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    I dont get it, all the secrecy, and this is what we get. They work with ital design and this is it? Modern cars really do all look the same. What a shame, they should have gone with a very drastic design change and truly kept with the styling of the original. In a sea of round electric econo boxes they could of done something special but here we are
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