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Thread: Cleaning injectors

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    Cleaning injectors

    I just pulled my injectors to test the spray and install new seals. I had tested each one a long time ago to see if they worked but never altogether to see if it was a balanced amount of fuel. They all seem to spray fine, balanced and shut off at once.

    My question, how to clean them? I took some scotch brite and cleaned them a bit and installed the new rubber. Is that it? How about the little holes on the side? Should I poke them out with a pic? Are they holes?

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    If it ain't broke...hit them with a little oven cleaner and/or sew it back up.
    (Any other cleaning should be on a machine. Give thanks! ;-)

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    If they are all spraying good patterns and equal amounts they do not need to be cleaned. if you still want to do something use a bottle of Techron in a full tank of fuel.
    David Teitelbaum

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