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Thread: Air cleaner

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    Time to type all that but not find a K&N P/N that takes 4 seconds?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Timeless View Post
    Time to type all that but not find a K&N P/N that takes 4 seconds?
    Don't forget to consult David T before any kind of service on your car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David T View Post
    You are not supposed to blow out "ordinary" air filters, the recommendation is to replace. The K & N ones CAN be cleaned, dried and re-oiled. In fact, they sell a kit to do it. Typically you do the air filter when you do a tune-up, around 10,000 miles. This is the recommendation for a car that is expected to do around 10,000 miles a year under typical driving conditions. Under severe conditions you service more often and because we drive the cars much less than 10,000 miles a year we do things time based and condition based, not mileage based. If you have very dusty conditions inspect the filter every 3 months and then decide it you need to do it more often or less often. You can use a soft brush and try to brush off as much as you can but once the filter "loads up" you are going to have to replace it. To inspect it use a light and see how it shines through when it's clean and then when it gets dirty you can estimate how bad it is getting. The best way to judge is to track your gas mileage and when you see it getting bad it is time to clean it.
    I have the K&N filter on my truck. I also have and used the kit. But it is not practical on the Delorean operated on a dirt road. The intake on the truck is high up on the front and rarely gets dust unless I pass someone. I have only one mile to paved road without much traffic. If I drive the D out three times in dry weather, the air cleaner is full of dust. Of course I rarely drive it unless itís dry weather, so it always gets dust. Iím thinking I might have to ďstockĒ a number of air cleaners.

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