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Thread: DMC vs DeloreanGO temp gauge sender, expansion tank, coolant pipes/hoses?

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    DMC vs DeloreanGO temp gauge sender, expansion tank, coolant pipes/hoses?

    Any difference between the two, or 6 of one...? DGo's says their sending unit is made by DeLorean Europe, DMC doesn't specify. Same with the coolant pipes (Although DMC says theirs is a mix of NOS and repros) and no mention of the molded hoses . No clue on the expansion tanks, I can't seem to find any complaints about either one.


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    I'd call the new temp senders from DGo or EU "ok". They use spade terminals instead of the ring terminal on the factory sender. I've installed two with no problems.

    Hoses are all new production. Either is fine, although silicone hoses are a worthwhile upgrade that DMC doesn't offer anymore.

    No advantages on coolant tanks, just get it switched out, and replace with the correct cap.

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    I used a new temp sender from EU and it read too high - ended up putting the original back in

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    Thanks gents! Do we know if the DMC sending unit reads 'ok', or is it an identical unit (to DGo)?

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    Temp gauge sensor, Temp gauge

    Starting at post #32 I have a lot of test data for the temp gauge and sensor.
    Dave M vin 03572

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    Thanks. Actually I had run a similar test to see if I could use any of the tens of sensors I have kicking around here. I was holding the water at approximately 190 and trying different senders to see if there was something that ended up near the middle at 190 and scaled ok.

    Needless to say, nothing I was happy with, so just going to grab one. Surely the scaling of an 'actual' one has to better than the ones I was experimenting with.

    Anyways, with regards to this thread, DMC may be out of something I need so that may make the decision simpler.

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