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Thread: Delorean go door handles

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    Delorean go door handles

    So my original door handle on the pax side broke. If you go to the DMC site, they say it’s only a matter time to break the plastic ones. They also say if one breaks, the other won’t be far behind. I would have ordered some from them, but my experience is that Deloreango ships quicker. I also like to help all the venders. So I ordered both of them from D-Go.

    For whatever reason, shipping was slow this time. That’s no biggie. When I got them, they looked great. I went about removing the old handle. For those of you that have never done this, it just two nuts. The only tricky bit is you don’t want to drop them as they will fall into parts unknown. I used a little grease on my socket and go both out easy. I changed the handle linkage and installed in reverse order.

    Before installing the inner trim, I shut the door to see how it worked. To my surprise, the handle didn’t line up with the rubber trim. It was about 1/8” low. I tried to adjust them by loosening the nuts, but there really isn’t any room to do anything. The studs fit the holes only one way. I thought maybe I had the wrong handle. They appear to be identical, but I swapped it anyways. During the swap I dropped one of the nuts, never to be seen again. Grrrrrrrr. I hunted another nut and got the second handle mounted. It was no better.

    I couldn’t live with that, so I removed the handle a third time and filed the holes into an egg shape. That helped a little, but now the hinge was hitting. So I filed the corner of the hinge hole and finally got the handle to line up with the trim. That should have been that, but there is another problem. The plastic trim on the handle that should lay flat on the stainless is kind of warped. No matter how tight the nuts are, it won’t lay flat.

    Needless to say, I’m not happy with D-Go. This is the first time I got something from them that I feel is sub-standard. At this point, I’m going to try to live with it. I haven’t changed the drivers because my OCD will probably not let me keep it. I might as well buy two new ones from DMC.

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    Pretty sure they're the same handles no matter who you get them from.

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    Unfortunately, the new handles do not fit as well as the originals. I've seen what you describe before, where they sit lower. Also instead of the bezel being molded rubber, the new ones are a cheaper feeling plastic. DMCH had the metal door handles made originally. The ones Go sells are a copy of Houston's. However they may not be as good as the ones from Houston.
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    for future buyers :

    worth reading :
    side note : DGo states where each part is sourced from, just click on the "more information" section at the bottom

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    Quote Originally Posted by thibaut View Post
    for future buyers :

    worth reading :
    side note : DGo states where each part is sourced from, just click on the "more information" section at the bottom
    Interesting, funny that thread didn’t come up in a search.

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