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The major difference between S/S and CRS, besides the strength and corrosion resistance, S/S costs a LOT more than CRS. Some of that cost differential is offset by the fact that you don't have to paint it to protect it from corrosion. The weight of the paint is negligible. One of the main reasons JZD chose to use S/S (besides the novelty), when he worked for GM he was aware that the majority of customer complaints were due to paint quality. Another consideration was environmental concerns and getting permits to paint. Choosing S/S avoided all of this. I have to check the gauge again, from memory I thought it was 16 Ga. In any case it is a LOT thicker than what they use now. Lastly, he was also pushing the concept of an environmentally responsible car. One that would last a long time. Knowing that the cars Detroit was making would start rotting out in less than 5 years, he wanted a car that would last. There were also plans that an owner could change the color of the car easily so it would be like a "new" car. The plan was to unbolt and bolt on different color plastic panels and give you credit for your old ones. The car was also relatively easy to repair. Unlike other cars, all of the panels can be unbolted and bolted back on so bodywork was a simple affair, no welding or painting or banging out panels.