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Thread: DCS Lite 2023 and DeLorean Midwest Open House 2023

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    DCS Lite 2023 and DeLorean Midwest Open House 2023

    DeLorean Owners, Fans and Enthusiasts,

    Time to mark your calendars for a combined DeLorean event for this Summer.

    The DCS Planning Team and the DeLorean Midwest shop will be hosting a combined
    event, similar to the DCS Lite 2021 and DeLorean Midwest Open House 2021.

    The dates are August 3rd through August 6th, with the Open House on August 5th.
    Based on how many VIP Guests will attend, we may add August 2nd to the event.

    More details to follow over the upcoming days, weeks and months, as the list of
    VIPs confirm and we can schedule talks, presentations, interviews and Q&A?s.

    DeLorean Midwest will be posting more Open House info on their website soon,
    as well as on their Social Media pages. DCS will provide more details soon too.

    Check this Event thread and posts for future event updates.

    Rich W.

    DeLorean Convention and Show - DCS Lite 2023

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    Thanks for the update Rich, I'm hoping I can at least attend the open house this year

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    Great news! Calendar marked

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    My odds of making it this year are slim to none so I hope it'll be YouTubed later. Have fun everybody!

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    I may try to come out for this one from Cali. who is with me?

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    Yeah I'd like to go if nothing comes up. Owned my car for almost 19 years and never once have taken it to a DCS.
    Vin 11035 wide stripe, flat hood, 5 speed, Spec 1 exhaust, custom grey/black interior, custom lighting, custom stereo and custom alot of stuff!

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    Great news Rich! Calendar marked. Looking forward to the event.
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