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Thread: 95Mph Speedometer ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Citizen View Post
    Cool. Any others? DeLoreans that assert/attest 100+ MPH. ??

    All of them? (that run, anyway). Not much mystery here, apart from the non-owners who are confused
    by the 85 mph mandated speedo. I've just fitted a 170 mph speedo, but have never pushed the car
    to 100, so it's really for looks only.

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    I may or may not have gotten up to 125 mph outside of Knoxville TN over 20 years ago. This was before GPS so had to use the RPM conversion chart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helirich View Post
    This almost seems like a joke or trolling to me. Most modern cars can go over a hundred. If they have enough power to reasonably excellerate in traffic, they have enough power to go over a hundred. Certainly, if one particular stock car can do it, all of them probably can.

    The only thing mentioned was about the auto trans not being able to do it. Is this true? Hard to believe it would make that much difference.
    The auto will definitely do 100+, he said he doesn’t like to keep the RPMs high though, so he doesn’t go that fast. 3rd gear in the auto is equivalent to 4th gear in the manual, so I’d guess whatever top speed is in 4th gear for a manual is the top speed for an auto.

    As for why ending the speedo at 95, that’s the top speed shown in BTTF.

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