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Thread: How to locate and replace a windshield washer pump

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    How to locate and replace a windshield washer pump

    My washer pump does not work..........I have never used it but now I need it to work to pass Massachusetts vehicle inspection. At this point I have no idea how to replace it. Any ideas. Thanks

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    The washer pump is part of the windshield washer tank assembly, located in the driver's side front corner of the car.

    To remove the pump you first have to remove the cover around the tank, which is a black plastic bucket that is mounted to the fiberglass tub. The cover is held in place with eight M5 hex bolts that attach to rivnuts in the tub. Be prepared to fight and swear as you remove those bolts that are most likely seized into the rivnuts, which will spin. If a bolt is seized you'll need a dremel or drill to cut the head off the bolt, and then you'll have to drill out and replace the rivnut.

    Once the cover is free, the washer pump just unscrews from a bushing in the tank.

    Before reinstalling the cover, you may want to drill a few holes in the bottom to allow water to drain out more easily. That cover tends to fill up with water and debris which is most likely what killed your pump in the first place. Your tank could also be cracked, which will fill up the cover with washer fluid and kill the pump.

    And be sure to add some anti-seize to the bolts when you reinstall the cover.

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