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Thread: One Piece Speedometer Cable from Rob Grady

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    One Piece Speedometer Cable from Rob Grady

    Quick review of the speedometer cable that Rob Grady (PJ Grady) offers!

    I've had my car for 23 years and during that time I had the original angle drive rebuilt once about 22 years ago (by Rob), I replaced the lower cable twice, and re-greased the lambda counter box once. Last year I did a frame-off restoration and refreshed everything, even stuff I had already done before. So, I sent my angle drive to Rob once again to checked out and I replaced the lower speedo cable with a different vendor's offering to try to eliminate a clicking and low speed speedo need bounce I was getting.

    The angle drive rebuild fixed most of it and the clicking turned out to be my rear parking brake. But I digress.

    I was driving to a car show last weekend when I looked down and saw my speedometer had stopped. On my return, I found the lower speedo cable had simple snapped in half inside the sheath. No sign of wear, twisting, or unraveling of the cable - it just snapped in two. Everything else was OK and there was no binding so I can only assume it was a materials defect.

    In chatting with Rob, he mentioned he sells a new cable, USA-made, that replaces the upper and lower cables as well as the lambda box, which of course reduces friction, moving parts, resistance, and should offer much longer life.

    I received the cable just a few days later and had it installed in under an hour.

    You will have to jack up the front of the car and remove the driver side front wheel. Then,

    1. Disconnect old speedo cable from the angle drive
    2. Disconnect upper and lower cables from the Lambda box
    3. Remove lower speedo cable (can remove firewall grommet at the same time if needed, it will have to be re-used)
    4. Remove Lambda box (two posi-drive screws) and unplug the connector
    5. Remove binnacle (6 nuts under the dash)
    6. Disconnect old upper cable from back of speedometer (no tools needed, just a friction tab on the back)
    7. Route new cable through firewall and up to the binnacle, following the same old route, and connect to the back of the speedometer
    8. Remove excess slack from the indoors section of the cable and insert the grommet to the firewall
    9. Install lower cable through the cable guide on the steering knuckle and into the angle drive. May have to turn the angle drive cable a little to get the new square cable to fit inside completely.
    10. Tighten the threaded nut just snug with a channel locks
    11. Install driver side front wheel. Spin the wheel by hand and confirm the speedometer in the dash is registering.
    12. Drop the car back down and torque the wheel lug nuts to 65 ft lbs

    The cable is pre-lubed and certainly looks and feels like quality. After a quick test drive I was satisfied with the performance and I could see it is working smoother than I have ever seen in 23 years.

    Always glad to post a review for GOOD upgrades you might not know about, sold by trustworthy vendors!


    New cable (photo taken by Rob prior to shipping)


    Installed and routed up to the binnacle. I have it attached to the lambda bracket with 2-side velcro tape which also secures my backup hood release cable and loop.
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