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Thread: Toys and knickknacks for sale

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    Toys and knickknacks for sale

    I'm hoping this post doesn't get deleted - While I don't have 20 posts on this forum yet, I'm a real life DMC owner caretaker, and I'm hoping to give the DMC community the first shot at this stuff. My value is with my car itself, not so much the knickknacks, so they just sit in a tote in my basement. I'd rather get them into a home where they can be enjoyed. If I can't post here, I understand, and off to FB marketplace/eBay I will head!

    Here's what I'm getting rid of. Prices are all ''OBO'' and do not include shipping from Milwaukee WI. I have more photos, just ask. I'll letter each item for easy reference.


    Photo 1, top row:
    - [A] $50: Hot Wheels/Mattel Wheels BTTF1 DMC from Japan, appears to be somewhat rare, new in box
    - [B] $6 for both: 2x McDonalds Happy meal "Doc's DeLorean" - both in bags, fine condition considering they're happy meal toys :-D One has a "happy meal bonus book" that appears unrelated to BTTF/DMC.
    - [C] $15: Johnny Lightning Universal Studios / U-Drive BTTF2 Keychain - good shape, no scratches as if it were ever actually used as a keychain. I can't find it online oddly enough. Hmm.
    - [D] $12: Hot wheels DeLorean, stock car non BTTF, new in box. Box says "Opening rear hatch!" - apparently some of this same model don't say that.

    Photo 1, bottom row:
    - [E] $5: Gold Hot Wheels DeLorean, new in box, other than some writing on the back "Thanks for not raping my wall ~MN" ... Don't ask, I have no idea. Subtracting two dollars for the offence.
    - [F] $7 each: Black Hot Wheels DeLorean, new in box, no weird writing
    - [G] $15: Johnny Lightning "Hollywood on wheels" BBTF1 DeLorean with show card, new in box. Appears to be more sought after than the hot wheels.
    - [H] $9: Hot Wheels BTTF1 DeLorean, "2011 new models", new in box

    Photo 2, top to bottom:
    - [I] $30: Welly BTTF3 1:24 diecast metal model. Box has some tape-removal scars on the bottom but is otherwise in good shape. Still taped sealed.
    - [J] $30: Polar lights 1:25 snap together kit BTTF1 time machine.
    - [K] $25: Welly BTTF2 Delorean 1:24 diecast metal model. Box is open on one end and still has some remnants of festive wrapping paper on the bottom - will likely scar the box if you try to remove the tape. Also has a price sticker from "Model Empire"

    Thanks for looking!
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