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Thread: Shipment from DMC

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdrusn View Post
    You're being a really good sport about the whole thing. But really, if the part had come in without damage someone would have made a lot of money for not doing their job. I need a hood which only DMC has. Now the price is $1300 which really isn't bad for a 40 year old part but they want $2000 to crate and ship it to Oregon. I guess I am going to have to just pay it but I hope it doesn't turn out like yours did.
    No way shipping is that much! I?ve shipped an entire damn car across country for less than that. Why do they insist on making additional profit on shipping? That is highway robbery! You could go get it yourself for less than that. Good grief.

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    I had a hood shipped from Michigan to TN for like 100 bucks freight.

    I have shipped several front fenders for under 200 bucks USPS.
    I think that either this was an honest mistake concerning the container and manner in which it was shipped or it is a practice to charge for the crate service, ship it cheap and play the odds that it will not get damaged. In the event it does get damaged, the money made on the overcharged shipments that arrived ok will more than offset the few that didn't.  9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich View Post
    Apparently their packing/shipping crew didn't get the memo about crating the part.

    You contacted them, right?

    When they make parts shipment mistakes they fix them in my experience, same as most vendors. I got a damaged steering rack from them a few years ago. They shipped me a good one right away at no charge.

    Be sure to post up how this gets resolved.
    I did receive a replacement. It's still a TV box but it's a much better fit and was packed better. No forklift through the box this time. I still have the first one packed back in it's box until it's determined if UPS wants the damaged part. So all worked out fine.

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