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Thread: Happiest Day for a New Owner

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    Quick glance I got at the rear of the roof box - it doesn't look like it has lifted much at all.
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    Part 4.. have not watched yet..

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    Part 4 has been the best so far.

    "stickers add horsepower"
    Great fact!

    "keeping this car for the rest of my life"
    Glad to hear. Most tubers are in it for just clicks & cash.

    Putting center AC vents & boots back in - I want to hear him cussing trying to get those rubber boots seated properly
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    I'm following this with great interest myself, I need to replace the roof / door seals on mine, and it's fascinating to see what's involved in the process. I'm sure much has been omitted for the sake of producing an interesting video, but it's at least a good overview of the major points involved, such as protect the torsion bar from scratching with a rubber hose, and take special care not to dent the top of the door panels while drilling out/replacing the rivets.
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    The part where they fix the crease in the rear quarter is interesting. I would almost call it a gouge.

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    So he was all concerned about any body damage when he did his first video getting the car..and told everyone that you absolutely can not fix body damage... now he has videos of the repairs.. smdh....

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    ive learned about solderstick. Ive got that kit in the my cart to order. did not know that existed and would have saved me tons of time over the years (not just on dmc)
    they are informative videos. waiting to see what he does with the engine.

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    Here you go boys:

    I Finished The 120-Hour Restoration Of My DeLorean! Abandoned Since 1991! UNREAL TRANSFORMATION!

    Spoiler Alert
    Title is Click Bait. He is not finished with it. His car doesn't run.

    My Car Runs.
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    Anybody know his VIN?
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    That ceramic stuff has my interest. I heard of it before, but always thought of it as s make oil. Anybody on here have good luck with it?

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