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Thread: Leaking oil from the torque converter seal

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    Leaking oil from the torque converter seal

    I wanted to talk to you about a big problem that no one has been able to solve. my automatic transmission has been serviced twice; the first time because it was old and the clutches were stuck. Most of the parts have been replaced including the converter and the torque converter oil seal. when it was surprised after only 350 km there was a big leak because the converter oil seal moved. see photo (First Time). the gearbox was overhauled again and the oil seal was replaced again with an original DeLorean motor Company one. after just 600 km there is still oil inside the "converter case". (Video attached) in both maintenances I used dextron 3 oil. I ran the level up to the "hot" mark with the car warm. the car runs well and the changes are regular. please can you help me? Thanks

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    Good morning everyone. I thank you for the help received. I want to share with you the solution to my problem. the ATF oil leaks from the torque converter oil seal were due to a jamming of the ball of one of the two solenoids. after unlocking the ball, the gearbox worked great; now it shifts from first to third smoothly, the leak I had on the oil seal has disappeared. I thank everyone for their availability. Thank you

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    Excellent to hear! , thanks for the update and explanation
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