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Thread: jacking plates

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    Quote Originally Posted by 82DMC12 View Post
    Since this is a friendly discussion, my rebuttal is this: I'm not so much worried about the chassis falling out of the VARI body (don't think I ever heard of this happening), I'm more concerned with flexing and damage to the underbody and everything glued and bolted to it. This will absolutely not happen if you lift from the front or rear crossmember which, let's face it, can be done just as fast as taking two QuickJack's off the wall hooks, getting it lined up, hooking up the pump, and lifting the car from less optimal place. It's well known if you have the chassis out of the car and you have the body suspended by 4x4's for a longer period of time, the body will go banana-shaped and you have a tough time getting the front and rear body bolts back in place and it takes a long time to settle. Like I said, I did a whole damn frame off with four scissor jacks, two shitty floor jacks, and four jackstands so I'm WAYYYYY past the point of finding QuickJack "essential" or even convenient. Just my opinion!
    newer here but have learned a lot. completely agree with the body flex. I hate jack stands in general. espically the metal top hook style. Ive never trusted them in past unless on a straight axle.

    I got these when i bought car and they have been great. Good price, excellent rubber surface contact(which is the biggest advantage imo) and a fairly low profile.
    amazon buy...
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