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Thread: DeLorean for physics simulation.

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    DeLorean for physics simulation.

    Hi guys. Thanks for letting me in.

    I'm collecting info about the DeLorean car for a hobby project. physics simulation and studying dmc-12
    I started this project several weeks ago, but somehow now I feel more like an archeologist digging for any good evedences of the car )

    Thanks to the internet, the people here, and the resources you've shared, I've already done some part

    current iteration state

    For now most of the suspension part dimensions are approximated, so they accumulate error if use them to other approximations,
    which I'm trying to eliminate updating geometry if some new data found.
    so looking for any help I can find
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    now I'm iterating with suspension geometry, wheels-to-frame positioning, links length and placement and so on.
    I would be realy greatful if you can provide me with at least some of these metrics please.

    Rear Knuckle

    Front Knuckle

    Front Upper Arm

    You are my only hope! )

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    Have you seen this thread? I'm not sure if the 3D PDF file linked there is still available, but I believe you could take some measurements off of it and get the dimensions you were looking for.


    Looks like that model is for the frame only, and does not include the suspension. Might still be helpful though.
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    thanks, Mark!
    of course this Rhye's PDF is super helpful.

    and now I need add suspension )

    then as a next step acollect suspension parts weight information..
    I guess I'll post here and keep updated a full list of required measurements.

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    1. Front / Rear static Toe, Camber
    2. Front UCA
    3. Front LCA (have)
    4. Rear upper link (have)
    5. Rear lower link (have)
    6. Rear Trailing Arm
    7. Rear knuckle (have)
    8. Front knuckle (have)
    9. Tie rod

    Weight / Mass
    (best: part photo + weight)

    Level Marty:
    1. Front / Rear wheel: rim, tire (any assembly)
    2. Front LCA (any assembly)
    3. Front UCA (any assembly)
    4. Rear Upper / Lower link (any assembly)
    5. Rear trail arm (any assembly)
    6. Front / Rear Hub: knuckle, brakes, links, ball joint, bolts, bearing (any assembly)
    7. Front / Rear Brakes (any assembly)
    8. any bushing

    Level Doc Brown:
    9. Frame weight
    10. Car body weight
    11. Fuel tank weight

    Level Hulk:
    12. Frame torsional stiffness
    13. Car torsional stiffness

    After processing I can share all provided data with the community.

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    Now I have most of the geometry I need.

    And I reall y need mass data.

    1. Front wheel
    2. Rear wheel

    How much do they weight?

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    native images upload test

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