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Thread: Preparation & Planning

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    Preparation & Planning

    Content to come.
    eBay selling at it's best I can tell you stock Delorians and quite a bit of slugs so the Turbo is a super nice up-grade.
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    1. Make sure your car is in the best shape possible for the conversion. More than half of the battle is overcoming issues that have nothing to do with the actual conversion, but getting them done will facilitate the process and help eliminate many sources of trouble.
      • Clean all grounds
      • Make sure starter and alternator are both good and strong
      • Plugs correctly gapped and clean
      • Electrical connections all clean (to sensors, fuses, fuel pump, etc.)
      • Check your idle timing and adjust static timing per manual
      • Make sure rotor, cap and plug wires are all in good shape. Coil too.

    2. Decide if you are going to use the stock manifold or procure another one that fits. This will affect throttle linkages, fuel rails, air cleaner, etc.
    3. Decide whether you are going to go spark control as well as fuel control or not. To do this you need one extra transistor in the Megasquirt box and need to make one wire solder connection to it. The stock distributor now gets the vacuum hose removed from it and the centrifugal weights need disabling in the bottom. The distributor now serves only to distribute the spark, it doesn't control timing.
    4. Decide if you are going to do any "while I'm in there stuff" and buy the parts. You need to get into the valley of death to get to the coolant sensor, so this would be a good time to fix any leaky water pump, radiator hoses, coolant pipes and to clean out the valley. Bleeding the slave cylinder is also easy at this point.
    5. Soak some bolts in PB blaster ahead of time. Manifold bolts, O2 sensor in tailpipe, etc..
    6. READ up on Megasquirt! The documentation is voluminous, but disjointed because it continues to evolve and grow.
    7. If you want to, build a new engine compartment wiring harness ahead of time. This really makes things look nice and since we've done the hard work of figuring out lengths and which connectors are needed, you can build this on the workbench ahead of time. (Not mandatory, but well worth it)
    8. Procure the parts
    9. Pre-assemble as much as you can (fuel fittings & hoses, fuse block, relays....) so that when you actually dig in to make the change they are all ready for you.
    10. Take lots and lots of pictures so that you can document for others, but also so that if you forget how something goes back together you have a reference.

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