To the DMCTalk community,

We are happy to announce that is now back on-line.

Let me first start by apologizing for the forum's disruption, which has been off-line since April 29th. The forum suffered an interruption due to various reasons, which has necessitated DMCTalk being moved from .com to .org. This move should be considered permanent, unless otherwise redirected in the future.

Regarding the old forum’s archive, the data is safe and secure, but with over seven years worth of material, the rebuild and reintegration of this data will take some time. But please rest assured, the full archive will be back and available in the near future.

To help achieve harmony when the archive is transitioned into the new forum, please register using the same user-name that you originally had on

The moderators will continue to be Mike, Sean, and myself. My brother has chosen not to be part of the rebuild process.

We look forward to rebuilding the greatest DeLorean community on the Net and we thank you for your patience and continued support.

- Tamir and the DMCTalk Moderating team