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Bumper and Trim Black 3400 - a BLACK liquid for any interior/exterior BLACK vinyl, BLACK rubber, BLACK plastic so long as it’s BLACK. Okay.

Bondo, Restore Black, 800, 8 fluid ounces. For any interior/exterior BLACK parts.

BLACK Paint for exterior
First roughen surface with Scotch Brite pad or 400 grit sand paper.
SEM 38353 Plastic/Leather Prep. To clean plastic before painting.
SEM 38363 Sand Free. Clear spray adhesion promoter. Apply first coat of paint while Sand Free is still wet.
SEM 39143 Trim Black. For black side moldings, side view mirrors, side skirts, black plastic air filter box, black plastic ignition coil cover.
SEM 39103 Bumper Coater. For black area on front and rear fascia.

BIG RED Premium Nonmelt Multi-Purpose Grease, for your Speedometer Right Hand Angle Drive and Ball Joints. 14.5 oz tube.

Devcon, 5 minute Epoxy Gel. Good solvent resistance to gas, oil and other solvents.

Bighead Bonding Fasteners. Male threaded stud 38mm x 15mm Rectangle. M6 x 16mm.
Product code M1/T38-M6x16. Available in Mild Steel or 316 Stainless Steel.
These studs are bonded inside the front and rear fascias during manufacturing.

Permatex the Right Stuff® Gasket Maker. Heavy-bodied, black, elastomeric rubber provides instant seal. Superior flexibility and adhesion accommodates joint movement. Excellent oil and transmission fluid resistance. Eliminate costly inventory of cut gaskets

Car Covers
Outside Use - Custom Fit for DeLorean, Weathershield HP, Gray, Size G3, Number CB26PG
Outside Use - Custom Fit for DeLorean, Noah Fabric, Gray, Size G3, Number CB26NH

Starter Heat Shield Wrap and Snap Strap Stainless Steel straps for securing the insulating wrap

Fuel Cooler

CRL 3M Fast Tack Trim Adhesive 3M8031 - for Clear Plastic Sheathing inside door panels Permits Repositioning and is good for securing Vinyl and Headliner fabric

3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive Black 08008 - for Outer Door Seals and also for SS Letters on Rear Bumper


Indiglo Dash Kit

Leather Care and Vinyl Care - Tell Them You Belong to a DeLorean Car Club, when ordering!

Spark Plug pictures

Sound Deadening - for interior to be attached to Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) body
eDead 120 is 115-120 mils thick and has self adhesive on one side and aluminum foil on the other with Bytul Rubber in between. It is sold by the square foot so you can buy as little or as much as you need. One square foot weighs approximately 16oz or one pound.

Vibration Dampers, Noise Barriers, Rattles & Squeaks

Other noise insulating manufacturers.

Stainless Finishers, Wolfhead
Wolfhead Wheel 2" Wide, 12 brush with 3/8" mandrel. Order 1/4" wide cut Aluminum Oxide abrasive strip loads with 60 Grit.

Blending pads for Stainless Steel exterior. Scotch-Brite 7446 Grey by 3M. Grit Grade :Medium.

Stainless Steel DeLorean Frame

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Batteries, DeLoreans need Size 34/78

Electrical Connectors

Self Fusing Tape - Used in motor vehicles to wrap wire bundles

Ceramic Anti-Seize Lubricant. Good for extreme high temperatures up to 1400 C or 2500 F.
Product name, Rock’n Roll

Tire Size Calculator

Classic Car Insurance

Air Conditioning System Parts and HELP