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Thread: The Restoration of #1768

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    Thanks! Here's some more beauty pics from my drive up in the hills on my last birthday.

    Finally had some time to full strip down the front end for a good coat of paint on the frame, also fully powdercoat the last of the parts that were only coated in POR15 from years ago.

    Powdercoated, and reassembled with new hardware, had to have the coolant pipes and sway bar professionally done as they are too large for my oven.

    Prepped the frame and masked up the spots I didnt want painted, just Rustoleum machine grey.

    After two coats it was time to fully assemble all clean, Also finally have the correct sized front Stoptech pistons much better!:

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    Awesome work.
    Rob Depew
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    The Ressurection of 4877......
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    Great Work Clint! Its great to see the updates.

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