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Thread: Toby's sway bar kit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeLorean View Post
    this part currently lists at DMCNW as out of stock...
    Sorry! I snapped up their last one a few weeks ago!

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    Finished renewing our D's sway bar and its mounts based on a friend's recommendation (thanks, Mark!).

    A. Pulled the sway bar from the LCAs for the first time since new. Stripped and refinished it with epoxy spray paint.
    B. Tossed the OE bar-to-LCA bushings. Also tossed the relatively new front bushings and OE brackets.
    C. Replaced all the bushings and the brackets with those from Toby's Front Sway Bar Combo Kit.

    The front end "graunch" noise we used to hear at parking lot speed - or even a little bit at rest - during front suspension compression disappeared. Gone. It had been bothering me for decades. I knew it wasn't from the front bushings so I guess it was the LCA-bar bushings. I was only expecting better LCA restraint without going after the LCAs directly so I'm happy to get this extra benefit.

    Now it's time to rack up 100 miles on the car and then re-check all the fasteners per the kit instructions.

    Looks better, feels better, sounds better.

    Nice kit, Toby!
    March '81, 5-speed, black interior

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