Hey there everyone,

My fiancé and I are getting married in May of 2014 and it is my dream to be able to surprise him with a DeLorean to use as our transportation from the church to the reception hall. We are both in our 30's and big fans of the car. He hopes to afford to own one eventually (we have a poster of it on our bedroom wall!) But for now, I think it will be an awesome surprise to use one for our wedding. The drive from the church to the hall will probably only be a few miles, and then afterward I would like to park it for a little while at the reception hall and take some pictures with it. The total time would only need to be a few hours. Be warned though, that since we are paying for the wedding mostly ourselves, I don't have much of money to work with, unfortunately, but if there's anyone out here in the NY area willing to let us do this, please let me know. Thanks a lot!


P.S. I am not looking to rent one all tricked out to look like the Time Machine, just a regular DeLorean.