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Thread: DMCTalk's FIRST Forum Member of the Month: Bitsyncmaster!

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    Congratulations! Love hearing about how people aquired their cars.

    I find that very ridiculous someone with your loyalty and experience with a company to get laid off. But like others have said you are a smart man and you will make it work!

    Supercharged 5.3L LS4 + Porsche 6spd
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    Dave/Bitsyncmaster is a great guy, and an awesome asset to our community.

    The products that he has ingeniously single handedly developed for our cars, replace ancient 70's electronic technology with modern reliable solid state alternatives, all for a very reasonable prices.

    I am glad that he is featured here, and was glad to know even more about him, through his write up.

    All the best to you Dave.
    Personal Blog: DeLorean Ownership & Upkeep (Yeah, it hasn't been updated in a while, but some good stuff there if you look.)
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    Even though I've only had my car for a little over a year, Dave's contributions have already helped me out. Thank you Dave! And good luck in retirement or employment, which ever path you decide to take.

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    There are few individuals to whom attribution can be applied for improving an entire automotive community. Dave is one of those people.

    Dave, your work on our cars is top-notch and we cannot thank you enough for your contributions. Congratulations.
    - Chris


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    Congratulations, Dave! -- Well deserved!

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    Congrats and thank you for all your great products! Here's to hoping you will make many many more!

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    Congrats, Dave! And thanks for everything!
    3.0L, automatic, carbureted

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    Congratulations Dave! You're the best! :-)

    Best wishes
    Stian Birkeland

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    Congratulations Dave on being the 1st "MotM". It's well Deserved.

    Unfortunately the News of your Early FORCED retirement is very SAD.

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    Let's hear it for smart, hands-on folks who like to tinker with and then perfect whatever it is they become interested in and passionate about.

    Appreciating the useful advice Dave shares with this forum.

    Congrats and thanks for the nice story, Dave!

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