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Thread: DMCTalk's FIRST Forum Member of the Month: Bitsyncmaster!

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    DMCTalk's FIRST Forum Member of the Month: Bitsyncmaster!

    "My name is David McKeen. Often called Dave but either is fine by me. I was born in Maine but my Dad had just got a job as a machinist at Pratt Whitney in North Haven Connecticut. So I grew up in Wallingford Connecticut. My Dad was always a tinkerer so I was always helping fix cars, TVs and radios. I decided go to technical school in Meriden Connecticut for electronics. Worked a few jobs with electronics and started night classes at the University of Hartford. I accepted a job in Southern Maryland when I was traveling there doing work on the E2-C with my job in Connecticut.

    My wife Virginia was a teacher here in Maryland but is now retired. I have two kids, Andy who is currently a Civil Engineer near Baltimore. My daughter is a third grade teacher in Waldorf. And now two grandkids that we take care of during the school year since my daughter teaches and her husband, Mark is a police officer.

    When the DeLorean was first announced, I always said I would own one someday. As I got older and my kids were out on their own, I decided I could afford the car and have the time to work on it. So I started looking on EBay for one to purchase. I found one and made a bid of $15,000 on it but it did not make reserve. The seller decided to accept the $15,000 after the auction ended. Pulled the cash from savings and got a co-worker to drive up to northern Jersey to get the car home. Drove it home that night. It had a dead battery but ran as long as the engine kept running. About half way home we had to stop and eat so I stopped at a car parts store and bought a new battery. Got home about 2 AM and donít think I slept all night.

    I discovered DMCtalk after I pulled my AC all apart to open the drain. My name Bitsyncmaster was chosen because I have been developing and perfecting a bit synchronizer for the last 25 years. I am the inventor on a patent for it. The bit synchronizer is used in telemetry for military aircraft, commercial applications and space data links. What it does is filter noisy data, decode it and provide clean data and clock so software systems can use the data.

    My other interests have been flying model airplanes, wood working, and machining metal parts. The model planes stopped and I got my privet pilot license. I started to build an experimental airplane from plans but that got to be an endless project so it stopped when I bought my DeLorean.

    A few weeks ago 6 employees got called into a meeting at work. Turns out we were chosen to be laid off when our division of Wyle got sold to another company. I guess my 30 years there did not carry any weight. So now Iím 61 years old, had a six figure salary and nobody wants to hire this old man. Thinking of just retiring and maybe doing odd jobs to keep some income."

    Congratulations, Dave!
    One of's original admins

    Mainly lurking, just passing through. Still enjoying reading about everyone's progress.

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    Congrats Dave!

    Keep on making DMC products and we'll keep buying!

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    Dave is THE MAN, and any company foolish enough to pass on an employment opportunity with him don't know what they're missing out on!

    Admins/Mods definitely made the right choice when choosing who to bestow this honor upon.

    I'm proud to call Dave a friend and the community is lucky to have him as an active owner.

    Let's give it up for Dave

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    (30 years there did not carry any weight. So now Iím 61 years old, had a six figure salary and nobody wants to hire this old man.) In todays world what you said sums it up. What was said about using your brain to upgrade our Deloreans would be great. Two things i would ask,#1 the headlight cover and #2 the parts you sell could you put up a video on dmctalk or youtube on the step by step on how to install------tom

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    Dave, Congratulations!

    That's a nice write up. I was always curious what your alias meant.

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    Congrats Dave. You've made our car better. Not many people can say that.
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    member of the month

    Who ever chose Dave --Hey you got the right man. Way to go Dave most of the members of this site have used your advice and have used your products---by the way they are all great.
    Dave I am 71 so with you just being 61 heck you are still a young man .
    Andy Blackmon

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    My father's 60, so I owe you much respect from the start Dave! Then, I know you made a couple of products that will surely have to get, but it will come by the time.

    I'm a total beginner into the Delorean world.... but I can already understand that you're a cool geezer guy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post

    My name Bitsyncmaster was chosen because I have been developing and perfecting a bit synchronizer for the last 25 years.
    LOL. I've been reading your handle wrong for years. I've always seen it as Bitsy-Master. No idea how I've never see the "nc". Congrats BitsyNCmaster.

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    Way to go Dave!
    I am sure your lion's mind will soon get you back in to business of some sort.

    Love your Delorean purchase story.
    A pleasure to have shared a community together.

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