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Thread: DMCTalk's October 2013 Forum Member of the Month: Dangermouse!!

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    Another worthwhile winner of this honor. Congrats, Dermot.
    - Chris


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    Well done Dermot. Well deserved.U seem to be on all the english speaking forums and contribute to them all.

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    Well done Dangermouse from Jolly olde England

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    Thanks everybody.

    Mike says that winners get a commemorative hat.

    I can choose between one that says DMCTalk Member of the Month, or “DMCTalk MoM”

    Or customize it with the month in which we are honored, which in my case would read “OctoMoM”

    Not sure which to get…..
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    May I suggest a fully explanatory "OctoMoM 13" so you don't get a repeatedly annoying question:
    "- Hey, which OctoMoM were you?"

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    Hear, hear! Dermot's a winner!
    3.0L, automatic, carbureted

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