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Thread: Replaced cold air intake hose, now car wont start.

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    Your coil shouldn't buzz. It's possible, by coincidence either your coil is cracked and arcing or arcing internally which has nothing to do with you changing the hose. Just bad luck dude. We've all been there. Pull a spark plug and put the wire back on it. While someone turns the key, see if you're getting spark. Because you smell gas, it's a dead giveaway that fuel isn't getting burned. If there's no spark, go to autozone and pickup a shiny chrome accel coil for 39 bucks. You don't have to do anything to the ballast resistor with this coil. It's plug and play, a decent upgrade that works very well and readily available cheap! Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamerguy51 View Post
    So i removed the air filter. cleaned the contacts on the frequency valve, jumped the rpm relay and heard a humming. I smell gas(have half a tank) and hear the fuel pump charging. My inertia switch is down. There seems to be a louder than normal buzzing from the ignition coil, but I can't remember if that is normal. I've only owned this car for a month. Any tips guys?
    I bought a new coil but couldn't fit the old boot over the new one so I just cleaned all connections then snapped them together. On a whim I tried to turn it over and it literally caught in 1 second. Fired right up. I guess it was a bad connection after all. Thanks guys!

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