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Thread: Delorean rear lights

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    Delorean rear lights

    In a book I was reading it had two styles of rear lights for the delorean normal and euro?? what was the go with this ???

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    The "Euro/UK" spec tail lights were Rubbolite units for trailers if I remember correctly. The entire back panel of the car was redesigned to allow a UK plate and the tail lights had fog lights incorporated. It was a required to have fog lights. I hope I'm right with this story

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmcpom View Post
    In a book I was reading it had two styles of rear lights for the delorean normal and euro?? what was the go with this ???
    I only know about this car, which has different tail lights:

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    I really like those! Although they came from a bus, they resemble Countach lights. I of course like the stock tail lights better, after all that's one of the best things about the design is the tail. I think what attracts me to these lights is they are narrow and wide, with a trim panel filling in the dead space, whereas the lenses filled in all the space on the production models.

    Take the production lights, shave about 3" off the height and use that trim panel and the more recessed rear fascia and tag bracket from proto one, wow that would look mean.  9

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    I think it may be a little misleading of the book to say that two styles were "available".

    I think that those "eurospec" lights were almost prototypes. Probably less than 10 cars have them (maybe as few as 3). I think the RHD Wooler Hodec cars have "standard" lights.
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    I'm so confused right now.

    I bought my car #5930 as an "euro spec" car.

    As I can recognise,
    - the seat belts are no different,
    - the tail lights have a standard look
    - the front turn signal lenses are standard
    - the rear side marker lenses are red.

    - there is a fog light switch on the steering wheel column and
    - the tail fog lights do work.
    - Also there is no catalyst in the car (but there is a sticker on the left door indicating there is one), and
    - the speedo is scaled up to 140 mph.

    So is this a "euro spec" D or what?

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    I would doubt the car is "Euro Spec". If it isn't metric or RHD, it was built for the US market. All of the "differences" you found could have been done by previous owners. If it has a catalyst sticker, the car had a catalytic converter when it was built.
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    The VIN list shows your VIN as a UK car (one list I checked said England, the other said Ireland) but I'm not sure how accurate that is, considering all the other nearby VINs were US cars. I think those VIN lists might indicate the current location rather than the original delivery location, actually.

    I unfortunately don't know if there would be any obvious differences in markings/placards to indicate a UK vs US car. But what David said... all those mods are easily done later, and the Catalyst sticker is a very good indicator that you had a cat at one point. Of course, as we all know consistency was not a strong point of this factory, so the car may never have actually had a cat if the sticker was installed first
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    Skynet, we've already been over this once before with your car...

    You have a car that very likely started off in the US, then made its way back over the pond. It has been modified by previous owners, nothing more.
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    But it has a different engine.
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